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Check out our travel blog!  We will be posting while on our 2016 trip to London, so check back for new information and images.  You can also comment on the blog page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Travel Tips

If we run across things that made our life easier on the trip, we will post them as tips or suggestions here.  Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes!

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We are just a couple of forty-somethings who enjoy travel.  When we go somewhere new, we like to lightly touch the touristy spots, and focus more on the local flavor.  In researching our trip to London, we noticed that most of the source material was either major tour companies or geared toward millennials, so we are hoping this might appeal to some of the rest of us.

We are looking forward to going where the locals eat and trying high tea somewhere off the beaten path.  We like to depart the typical path and stumble across fascinating bits that don't make it into every tour book as we are on our way to more known attractions like the Eye, Westminster, The Globe and more.

Domestic or international, we enjoy most kinds of travel and hope to keep this page up as we go.   Thanks for coming along on the ride.  Please feel free to make suggestions or comments.  Thanks!


Biltmore Lion Statue
Stately lion on the steps of Biltmore House, Asheville, NC Dec. 2015