Beach at Titusville, FL Dec. 2014
Beach at Titusville, FL Dec. 2014

Our Approach

About Us

We are a couple of forty-somethings that have, so far, lived relatively mobile lives.  In childhood, we both moved a number of times, and road trips were typical vacations for our respective families.  As a result, as adults when opportunities in other places came our way, there was no hesitation to move somewhere new and unknown.

Between the two of us, we have lived in more than a dozen states and traveled to more than two-thirds of the fifty states.  We have lived in Austin for the better part of two decades now, and while we love it, staying in one place for so long has fostered a need to travel.  And by travel, we mean immerse ourselves in a place.

Our Story

Why We Decided to Blog Our Travel

While most of the world is thoroughly mapped, travel is still about discovery.  Well-established places are fresh and new to every new visitor, and we love that exhilarating feeling especially when we can discover something unexpected.  We research our trips exhaustively so we are comfortble veering off the typical tourist track.  We would come home from trips, tell friends and family about our discoveries, and their positive responses and requests for more information made us think this might be a good idea.  Thanks, friends and family, for wanting our two cents worth.